Hi!  St.Ann School has been my "home away from home"  for most of the past 28 years.  The last 13 years have been teaching P.E..   Each grade has one 30 minute period and one 45 minute period per week, except for Kindergarten and First grade which have three 25 minute periods.  Every class begins with a quick prayer led by the "special helper" for that class.  We follow that with a few minutes of exercise to warm up and strengthen the muscles with an emphasis on the very important core muscles.  Then a short jog.  Next we usually have a "team-work challenge" in which the students work together in pairs, small groups or the entire class to accomplish a goal.  We often follow that with "catch time" to practice throwing and catching skills with a partner.  The last part of class is reserved for a game.  7th and 8th grade boys have played a lot of soccer, basketball and hockey.  7th and 8th grade girls have mostly played kickball, soccer, dodge-ball and hockey. Upper block students have enjoyed "Bash ball" as well. The middle grades have played soccer, basketball and dodge-ball.  The younger classes enjoy tag games such as "dog catcher", "excuse me tag", "stuck in the mud" and "wolf and sheep".  When the weather is nice, we can play "capture the flag" and other games on the field and blacktop.  We try to get as much movement as possible in every class and always stress good sportsmanship.  IF YOU HAD FUN, YOU WON!

      Bob Reid