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Grade 8 Religion

Catechism vocabulary to know - Quizlet link

Catholic Social Teachings

This year our 8th graders will use YOUCAT, the Youth Catechism book.  A special thanks to the Knights of Columbus Conference for the grant that enabled us to purchase these books!

Here is the link for the vocabulary words you should know by the end of the year.  Please be studying as we go along. These words will be included in an end of the year Religion test as well as may be on the ACRE test in January.

8th Graders Help Teach Kindergarten Buddies About Mass
Learning about how to kneel and receive the blessing,
make the sign of the cross, use the holy water, and genuflect. Great leaders in our 8th grade class this year!
  1.  World Mission Rosary will be led in October by this year's 

  2. St. Ann 8th Grade Class