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Grade 6 Religion

Put on Love; Living the Virtues

Curriculum: 6th Graders study the Catholic Church predominantly through the Old Testament. Book Resources and Overview: Faith First Legacy Edition Grade 6 by RCL Benzinger
Hunger Awareness with 6th Grade
  • Hunger Banquet
    • Students in grades 6-8 learned about resources in countries around the world and causes and effects of hunger.  Students participated in a simulation of the disparity of resources and had this to say:
    • "My experience was horrible.  I had little food. I had 'dirty' water.  Now I see that hunger is so real.  That people go through this every day." (7th grade student)
    • "I was angry at the upper class because they talked about how bad their food was and how they didn't even want it.  It was ... eye-opening to see the drastic difference between the classes.  I was sad because I think a lot of people missed the purpose of the event.  I think it was very eye opening." (8th grade student)
    • "I thought that since I was a middle class country that I would be rich or somewhat rick, but ...I had enough, not too little and not too much." Even though I didn't have a lot of food I would be willing to help out the other countries who don't have good enough food." (6th grade student)
    • "I though that the countries in the lowest group weren't getting enough to eat, so they would have health problems and maybe die ... I felt angry that the people in the richer countries didn't care about their health, so they had lots of health problems." (6th grade student)
    • "I didn't know if I should so I helped at the last minute.  I didn't know that (one person's job) count affect another's job.  I felt a little bit angry.  What disturbed me the most was when someone gets fired and someone (else) is making money." (6th grade student)
    • "I felt like I should just think about others first." (6th grade student)
  • Hunger Collection - Make a Difference!

Focus 11 Vocations Day, 2017
(to be held at CBC's Skip Viragh Center on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017)

Prayer to Know My Vocation

Loving God, you have given me life, love, family, and friends.
And I am so grateful to you.
I want to serve you to the best of my ability.
Give me a discerning heart, attentive to the path you open for me.
Show me how to develop my unique gifts and use them to help others.
Fill my whole being with love for you.
My heart is listening.