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What's up with the IXL SmartScore?

IXL's SmartScore is based on a proprietary algorithm designed to give you the best possible information on your students' performance. SmartScore offers superior accuracy in assessing student achievement, as it takes several factors into account, including:

  • number of problems completed
  • number of problems correct and incorrect
  • problem difficulty


  • recent answers are weighed more heavily
  • consistency (correct answers in a row) is rewarded highly

Mastery means more.

Whenever one of your students reaches a SmartScore of 100, you can feel confident that they have truly mastered that skill. Any student who achieves mastery on IXL has completed an ample number of questions, including the most difficult ones for that skill.

The learning process is rewarded.

Every student learns at a different pace, and SmartScore respects that by not penalizing students for missed questions early in their practice sessions. Any student can reach a SmartScore of 100 by working hard and showing that they have learned over time.

Students are constantly reassessed.

SmartScore is evaluating your students every time they sit down to practice. This means that your students can always revisit past skills and you will get instant updates on their progress and retention level.