Welcome to St. Ann KDG with Ms. Clarke!

School Hours:
8 am - 325 pm

    I am Ms. Clarke.  My teaching experience has been as a Special Education Teacher for Grades 7-12, a Third Grade Teacher, and as a Reading Coach. I've been at St. Ann for over six years as a staff member and even more than that as a parent!

Important Reminders for Parents:
                  Please send a small, healthy snack with your child each day (i.e., grapes, an apple or a banana, a cereal bar, or crackers). Snacks should "leave no trace", please.  Also, anything with "liquid and/or a lid" will be eaten in the cafeteria, with the exception of "squeezable" fruit pouches and "gogurts". 

                Please be certain your child is in the correct uniform each day.  This includes socks and shoes.  Earrings should be post only.  CHILDREN SHOULD ALSO BE DRESSED FOR THE WEATHER! We WILL go outside unless it is raining, snowing, sleeting, hailing, or below 20 degrees (windchill or temperature).

                Please write your child's name or initials on the tag of their sweaters and sweatshirts so we don't get them mixed up.  It's also helpful if you label the OUTSIDE of your child's lunchbox with their initials or first name.  Book bags should be labeled as well. (LABEL EVERYTHING!)