Wellness Plan

To promote healthy living, the following will be put into effect at St. Ann School this year:
  • At class parties, there may be water without caloric sweeteners, fruit and vegetable juices, fruit-based drinks that contain at least 50% fruit juice and do not contain additional caloric sweeteners, unflavored or flavored low fat (1%) or flavored fat-free milk.
  • At class parties, there will not be soft drinks containing caloric sweeteners, sports drinks, iced teas, fruit-based drinks that contain less than 50% real fruit juice or that contain additional caloric sweeteners and/or caffeine.
  • At class parties, there will be no more than one food or beverage served that does not meet the nutrition standards.
  • At lunch, students will have a full 20 minutes for eating lunch after sitting down.
  • Food and beverages will be limited for use as rewards for academic performance or good behavior.
  • Physical activity (recess or PE class) will not be withheld as punishment.
  • Physical activity (running laps or pushups) will not be used as punishment.
  • Physical activity opportunities will be incorporated into other subject lessons.