The following links are provided to assist you in developing your child's skills in the areas that we will be focusing on this school year.  Please feel free to email me if you find any additional links you believe might be useful to others.  I will be happy to review them and consider posting them to this page.    St. Louis County Library.  There is a wonderful database here that will be useful in our research.  Students have been instructed to go to Databases, then For Students, and then to look for the link that will be most helpful.  At the end of each entry students can find exactly how to cite that article for the bibliography.  Students will need their Library Card Number to enter Databases.  Vocabulary and Spelling practice games, lists, and definitions.  Make your own crossword puzzles here. Make crossword or word find puzzles here.  Other options may also be available. Activities in all areas for students. Activities in all areas appropriate to subjects and grade levels.    Flashcard practice for various subjects.